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1.YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT    Established in the year 1964 as guest at                                                                                  ITI Guwahati.

2. NO OF TRADE(S)                                         Started with four trades

                                                                              i.e. Electrician, Fitter, Wireman & Welder (G&E)



3. YEAR OF SHIFTING   Shifted from ITI Guwahati to Barpeta on its                                                                         permanent site on November-1971

4. HEAD OF THE INSTITUTE  The Superintendent is the Head of the Institute                                                                & the first Superintendent was Sri Kusha Bora.

5. TRAINING STAFF                                               In 1971, there were 11 no’s training

                                                                              Staffs along with the Supervisor

                                                                              Sri Tulshi Nath Hazarika.

6. OFFICE STAFF                                                   In 1971, there were 4 office staffs

                                                                              along with Sri Ganesh Ch Roychoudhury

                                                                              as the Upper Division Assistant.

7.NEW TRADE(S) INTRODUCE                              (1) Cutting & Tailoring Trade was

                                                                                    introduced in the year 1984.

                                                                              (2) In 1985, Stenography(English) trade

                                                                                   was started.

                                                                              (3) Mechanic Motor Vehicle(MMV)trade

                                                                                   was introduced  in the year 1988.

                                                                              (4) Again in August 2005 four new trade

                                                                                   were introduced under PM’s N.E.S Package. 

                                                                                   They were-

                                                                                   (i)  Mechanic Electronics 

                                                                                   (ii) Mech Ref & Air Condition

                                                                                   (iii) Hair & Skin Care

                                                                                   (iv) COPA (Computer Operator &

                                                                                                  Programming Assistant)